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Premier Limo Buses & Party Bus Services in Fort Myers

The Fort Myers area has a lot of good going for it. There's many reasons one might find themselves in need of luxurious transportation in such an active area. For instance, you might have need for a night to cut loose with your closest friends. Why make some of them commit to being a designated driver when Party Bus Fort Myers can do it for you? There might be a wedding looming in your future, and the best way to get everyone there on time and more importantly together is to arrange party bus or limousine transportation so that your entire party can get there relaxed and in comfort. Perhaps the biggest sporting event of the year is quickly approaching... and you want to throw a tailgate party that will go down in history as one of the most prolific tailgate parties ever. A party bus from Ft Myers Limo Bus can make that happen too! We can handle any and all of these ideas with ultimate professionalism, efficiency, class, and punctuality!

Enjoy a party bus company with integrity. Luxury transportation has never been such a good time!

When you chose to do business with Party Bus Fort Myers, you'll find that we take your complete satisfaction in all stages, quite seriously. This is a customer driven industry, so it is our highest priority to keep every one of our clients happy. We do this in multiple ways: From your first call to our customer care specialists, you will be treated with affability and efficient professionalism. We are straight shooters and won't mince words trying to accommodate you with a vehicle you clearly don't want. If we can help, we'll say so. If we can't, well, we'll be honest and tell you that as well. Some companies out there will play the "double book" game and then, on the day of your event you get the dreaded phone call saying that your reserved vehicle isn't available and will be substituted. Or, even worse, cancelled. This isn't an option for us. Our business practice is honest and practical. You'll always know exactly what you're in for when you're working with us!

Enjoy the highest level of luxury vehicles for your day.

After you've reserved your party bus, you can take comfort in knowing that a team of skilled and hard working porters and mechanics work daily to keep our fine fleet in perfect working order. Then, on the day of you're going to absolutely fall in love with your assigned chauffeur. They consistently exhibit industry best professionalism, consideration, and astute attention to every little detail imaginable. They're the ones who make the biggest difference, and insure that you arrive safely back home at the end of the night.

Call us for your special occasion! Affordable prices & superb service await!

You won't regret giving us a call for your party bus or limousine needs. If you have any questions or if you're ready to make a reservation, contact us at any time! We're always happy to help. We are also more than happy to help you with any needs outside of the state of Florida if you happen to be traveling. If you're in Georgia and in need of some great service try Atlanta Limousine. If you are in the Midwest be sure to travel with Akron Limo or Indianapolis Limousine.

The Events That Keep Us in Business!

We serve so many types of events in and around our beautiful area, and these are the ones that keep us the busiest!

Quinceaneras And Sweet 16 Parties
You'd be surprised at how many of these we serve... even more than our nightlife and wedding-related services! Smart parents know that their teens deserve safe and reliable transportation that is also really luxurious and fun. It gives your kids a safe night out and a fun celebration while also giving you a relaxing night at home, worry-free. It's affordable for you, but of course you may also want to split the cost among your teens' friends' parents. They'll be happy for their kids to be safe on the road too and won't mind it one bit!

It's such a joy to be able to serve these special celebrations! Providing wedding day transportation is really something wonderful. We love providing our wedding day clients with the finest vehicles, the most elegant decor, and the most professional driving service from our chauffeurs. Our vehicles are stunning in your wedding day photographs and it's really the ideal way to travel on that day. From your home to the bridal salon, to the wedding venue, to the reception hall, and perhaps even on to the honeymoon if your destination is a local one, we are the best company to take you and your bridal party anywhere you need to go!

Bachelor Parties And Bachelorette Parties
In that same vein as our wedding day transportation is our bachelor and bachelorette party transportation! Our clients love the fact that they can get a special discount by booking two events with one phone call, and many times those two events are a wedding and either a bachelor or bachelorette party! We've got the wildest buses and the most exciting transportation in the land, so you will definitely want to hit the road with us and party it up for your last night of freedom! We can take you to all the best bars and nightclubs, not to mention the hottest strip clubs in the area! Whatever you've got in mind for your pre-wedding celebration, whether it's wild or elegant, we've got you covered.

Concerts and Sporting Events
When it comes to major entertainment events like concerts or sporting events, our company will definitely take good care of your transportation needs! Nobody really enjoys that long drive to and from these events, battling traffic and stressing out about getting there on time. With us, you can enjoy all of your time that day, the whole way there and back. You'll love your time on the road just as much as your time at the event. You'll feel like a rockstar in their tour bus or like a pro athlete living it up on the way to their next game!

...and finally, last but not least, nightlife! Our area is packed with the greatest bars and restaurants around, not to mention mind blowing nightclubs that are so worth a visit from you! Where you might normally only visit one or two of them in a night because of the logistics of getting from place to place while drinking and living it up, with us you can head out to a whole long list of them and enjoy every minute, even drinking (legally!) between destinations!

As you can see, a Fort Myers party bus rental is the perfect choice for any event. Some not mentioned above but, still worth bringing up: birthday parties, wedding party shuttling, prom parties, homecoming celebrations & other school dances, or just about any big event where group transportation is called for.

Whenever you're ready to party, just call us up!